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Addictions Therapy In Leeds In 2024 | Start Recovery Helps Thousands Of Yorkshire People With Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Problems

Hello friends, as I enter my 12th year of sobriety from alcohol, I am expanding my Addiction Counselling Services in Leeds and Yorkshire, by releasing my new book and corresponding app.

2024 will see a release of my new book with a new App from Start Recovery called "Sober Days". The full title of my book will be called "Sober Days - How To Train Your Earworm and Stop Drinking Alcohol". I wrote this with the help of a good friend and author Ros Wilson. Ros has had over 55 years experience in the UK education field, working as a Head Teacher and then Education Consultant and National Curriculam Advisor. Ros is also the creator of Talk:Write, Big Writing, VCOP, and The Criterion Scale. Ros had been telling me I should write a book to try to capture the work that I have been doing over the last 10 years in the field of Addictions Therapy. Over the last year and a half we have been working on "Sober Days" together, where I introduce my I.A.C (Identify, Acknowledge, Change) 3 step addiction therapy system. Ros said to me "We need to get your techniques to as many people as possible and I can help you do that".

I have been developing my I.A.C 3 step approach to addictions since 2012, when I was in rehab after I stopped drinking aclohol and finally got better from my battle with the booze. The book also introduces "The Earworm" which we chose to represent the internal voice we hear when we first start thinking about drinking.

Mark Franklin Addictions Specialist Leeds UK

Mark Franklin - Addiction Specialist, Leeds, UK

This book is so different to any other recovery (or sober literature) books you may have read or come accross. It is designed to be fully accesable for those with brain fog who are looking to stop or modify their drinking patterns, meaning its more like a manual with evidence based techniques to help those in contemplation or action stage of Proshaska & Diclamentes "Cycle Of Change".

I am a little bit nervous about how the book will be received in "Recovery Circles" , but at the same time very excited!

My private drug and alcohol counselling services started in 2015 in Leeds, and I have been pretty much fully booked since pre-covid 2019, with short notice cancelation bookings being offered for new people wanting to book in for counselling sessions with myself. 2019 was also the year that I passed my first 1000 client marker which was a huge achievement for me and the company. I currently have a caseload of around 25 to 30 clients a week that I see Tuesday to Friday with a long day into the evening on a Wednesday. Mondays I am closed for clients as Mondays are my admin and planning days. My expansion plans changed after re-assessing what I could offer as an accesable option for people who were stuck waiting for addictions treatment, and for the last year and a half I have been planning and writing my first book on alcoholism (AUD).

I have previously tried to expand my counselling services by employing extra addictions counsellors in Yorkshire through my business Start Recovery, and I had the privalage of hand-picking some of the best addictions counsellors and therapists in Leeds to work with me. Ultimately that expansion business model was not correct for me at the time as I was often being let down by my contracted counselling staff.

Mark Franklins new book "Sober Days - How To Train Your Earworm & Stop Drinking Alcohol" will hopefully be released mid/ late 2024. The book is in pre-published proof reading stage at the moment before we start sending copies for review.

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