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Problem Gambling Addiction Counsellor Leeds | Counselling For Gamblers

Problem Gambling or gambling disorder has become more and more of a problem over the last 10 years in the UK, with advancements in online gambling and high input stake slot machines appearing in the high street bookmakers.


Problem Gamblers can become addicted to the rush of noradrenaline and dopamine release into the brain's reward circuits which, over time, can "rewire" the neural pathways in the brain making it extremely difficult to stop the addictive behaviour. This cycle coupled with the feelings of fear and guilt from losing and "chasing losses" to try to return to even, or to winning more, pulls the individual into an anxious state that holds them in the loop of addiction.


Talking to a gambling addiction counsellor can help the problem gambler to understand the reasons why they cannot seem to be able to stop, even though they know that they shouldn't be doing it... Its a frustrating type of anxiety that can be extremely destructive if left unchecked. With the right support,  information, tools and understanding, the addicted gambler can learn to identify and acknowledge their triggers and dangerous situations and change their behaviours to avoid the turmoil of addiction.

Gambling disorder is an addiction | Counselling For Gamblers

You may be a compulsive problem gambler or suffer from gambling disorder if you:

  •     Sometimes bet more money than you can afford to lose.

  •     Feel the urge or need to gamble with larger amounts of money in order to feel the same buzz.

  •     Try to win back money you have lost already (chasing your losses).

  •     Sometimes borrow money from people, or sell things in order to get money to gamble, or to   continue gambling.

  •     Ever wonder whether you may have a problem with gambling.

  •     Have had any health problems around anxiousness or stress.

  •     Have had friends or family saying that they think you may have a problem with gambling.

  •     Have had any household financial problems or debt as a result of your gambling.

  •     Have had any feelings of guilt or remorse when you are gambling, or after you have gambled.

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Stop Gambling | Confidential Counselling Services | Gamblers Talking Therapies

Gambling problems can effect anybody from all social backgrounds. When gambling moves from a fun, harmless pastime to an unhealthy, destructive obsession with serious consequences, then you may want to consider a specialist gambling counselling service. You might be betting on sports, roulette, poker, scratch cards or in a casino, at the horse or dog racing track, or online gambling sites. Gambling problems can start to impact on your personal life, disrupt your work, and lead to huge financial problems. You might end up getting into trouble with borrowing money, credit cards or personal loan debt, or even in trouble with the police if you start to steal money in order to gamble. These addictive behaviours can lead to feelings of frustration, helplessness and hopelessness when the gambler starts to recognise that they have a serious or harmful gambling habit.

The compulsive gambler starts to lose the ability to control their urges, like other addictive disorders, and may start to gamble more and more in secret. This can make it hard for the individual who is addicted to gambling to accept and open up to loved ones or friends that they have gambling problems. The role of denial in addiction cannot be underestimated as the guilt and shame caused from compulsive gambling becomes overwhelming for the gambler. Denial acts to protect the individual and their loved ones from the negative feelings and emotions that are connected to their gambling problem. Gambling treatment can help the gambler to start to make a positive change in their behaviours by identifying, acknowledging and changing their irrational thoughts and behaviours. As a specialist addiction counselor, I can guide you to explore the deeper reasons for the problem gambling. 

Gaming Industry Contributes To Gambling Services and Gambling Research

As gambling addiction is becoming more of a problem in the UK, the gambling gaming industry is starting to contribute more towards help for problem gamblers. There is no specified amount for annual donations from the gambling gaming industry but the UK Gambling Commision states that "From 1 January 2020 operators must direct their annual financial contribution for gambling research, prevention and treatment to orginisations that deliver or support research into the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harms, harm prevention approaches and treatment for those harmed by gambling"(UK Gambling Commission). 

With the 2018 to 2019 UK yearly total gross gambling yield revenue (GGY) from gambling standing at £14.4bn more still needs to be done to help support the UK's problem gamblers. Below shows the percentage split from where the gross gambling yield comes from in the UK (UK Gambling Commission). 

Gambling Stats UK | Counselling Help For Problem Gamblers In Leeds

UK Gambling Industry Statistics 2016-201

Find A Counsellor Or Psychotherapist For Gambling Problems

If you think you may be a problem gambler or need a gambling service for a loved one and you live in Leeds, then please book an appointment for a problem gambling counselling session. At an initial consultation we can start to discuss your personal counselling needs, build a plan around your gambling problems, mental health and addiction treatment. Appointments are available to talk to someone usually within the next week and Start Recovery addiction services will endeavour to fit you in as fast as humanly possible. I can help with family therapy around how to best support the person struggling with gambling issues and offer emotional support to help families involved. You can find help here with a professional counsellor for compulsive gamblers or pathological gambling.

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