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Substance misuse, (which is often referred to as drug abuse, or substance abuse), can be clarified as an individual using a particular substance or substances repeatedly, which then leads to the user either harming themselves or others around them.

The harm that is done often builds up over a period of time, and typically; relationships, jobs and interests will start to be negatively affected, also mental and physical health problems may start to occur.

Substances and Substance misuse can include;


  • legal substances (e.g. alcohol).

  • Illegal substances, such as opiates (e.g. heroin), stimulants (e.g. cocaine, crack, amphetamines and ecstasy) and cannabis.

  • Prescription drugs, used in a way not intended by the doctor, are also included under the substance misuse banner.

Misusing drugs or substances can lead to devastating consequences for the user.

Not everybody who take drugs (either legal or illegal) will develop a problem or addictions, and many people will experiment with recreational drugs and alcohol and move on naturally away from the substances, but for some, the behaviours become more ingrained into their everyday lives and culture, leading to possible addiction or dependency.


I use talking therapy to help you to break your addictions to drug use, and help identify your irrational thoughts and behaviours that may be deep-rooted. Nobody chooses to become addicted to a particular substance, and substance abuse usually builds slowly over time with the unconscious mind working away silently strengthening addictive behaviours by rewiring your neurotransmitters and synapses in your brain.

I deliver private substance misuse and addiction counseling in North Leeds, so if you or somebody you know living in the West Yorkshire area is having problems with drugs,  you can contact me on the contact page or click on the contact button below to start your recovery.

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