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Our Leeds based Recovery Counsellors are specifically trained in addictions, substance misuse disorder (SUD's) and alcohol use disorders (AUD's). Our counselling team are passionate about providing authentic, self-empowering help and support to alcohol and drug users. We also deal with gambling addiction, phone addiction and any other addictive behaviours.

Suzie Shenderey | Addictions Counsellor | MBBS, Cert Hyp CS, BACP

Suzie originally trained as a medical doctor and worked as a psychiatrist with a specialist interest in addictions. I also now work as a tutor and case study marker for Chrysalis Courses UK.


Suzie has experience of working with a wide range of issues from anxiety and depression to alcoholism and gambling addiction. "I consider myself to be a holistic therapist and I have a particular interest in the mind-body connection. My experience of working as a doctor means that I have a good understanding of the working of the human body, drug treatments and ethics.


The main ethos of my practice is person-centred and I have experience of working with solution-focused therapy and motivational interviewing. I am also a trained mindfulness practitioner with experience of teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programmes.


When working with clients I am able to use a wide range of therapeutic techniques and tailor my approach to the individual".


Suzie is also a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and one of their Ambassadors".

Mark Franklin | Addiction Counsellor | S.A.C Dip, FADP

Mark is Start Recovery's founder and owner. Originally from a music background, Mark spent the late 80's, 90's and 00's as a DJ, producer and artist. 

"I was burnt out by the early 2000s and by 2010 it had become clear that I needed help. I had already lost my job as a Music Buyer due to being drunk and disorderly at an important industry event. I still managed to function in a new role managing products, distribution and retail at a large American corporate company based in Pinewood Studios. It should have been a dream job for me but I was starting to get in trouble there from my drinking too. 


Redundancy then sent me into a spiral of drinking, then a Re-hab for a month, then I was back drinking again a few months after that. I found that I was stuck in that cycle for a couple of years - trying to stop, starting again, with my self-esteem, anxiety and general mental health getting worse and worse.


I finally managed to get sober after a 3-month program which was at a drug and alcohol charity in Fulham. It was part of a forward-thinking pilot scheme that unfortunately never got rolled out. (I was soon to learn the good and the bad politics of the third sector charity industry)!


I went on to volunteer at the charity in Ealing where I joined the DIP team (Drug Intervention Program) and enrolled at college to study drug and alcohol counselling. I moved back to Leeds with my family where I continued to work for drug and alcohol services in Yorkshire and I continued to study and  I spent time working in a Re-hab and on a detox ward. I also worked on psychiatric wards mainly with drug-induced psychosis patients and in secure units. In 2015 I set up Start Recovery and in 2020 Start Recovery won an award for best Counselling Services in Leeds and West Yorkshire. 

I would say most of my work is person-centred and I utilise REBT, mindfulness, breathwork and deliver the latest neuroscientific evidence-based information to the client. I continue to learn and experiment bringing different approaches into my work. I use polyvagal techniques and exercises to help bring clients to a safe, sustained, self-regulated place and I try to pass on helpful tools to my clients and colleagues that are necessary to build sustained recovery. 

Deborah Levy | Recovery Coach | S.A.C Dip, FADP

With a well-established and successful career in the private sector, Deborah, inspired by her own recovery journey, made the decision to refocus her skills and experience to help others suffering from addictions to navigate their way to long-term recovery.

Deborah works to a client-centred, collaborative, neuroscience-based recovery approach.

In the last ten years, she has been involved with well-known mental health, drug and alcohol services in the Yorkshire region working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities.

Like Mark, I feel passionate about helping others suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Behaviours that often start out as an antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life can soon get out of control. Feelings of hopelessness, guilt and shame only serve to compound behaviours. We might start asking ourselves questions like; ‘Why can’t I drink like normal people?’  ‘Why do I always let myself down and fall of the wagon?’  ‘If only I could stop!’

If this sounds familiar get in touch, we will help you navigate your journey and will tailor a programme to suit you and your circumstances. We are a reasonably priced, flexible and practical addiction recovery programme. We do not offer group treatments like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or SmartRecovery, what we do offer is a reasonably priced, one to one, flexible and practical addiction recovery programme.

Sobriety should be regarded as a wonderful gift, a gift that often keeps on giving in all sorts of surprising and wonderful ways.

Get in touch we are here to help you.

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