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Leeds Drug Counsellor Nominated Top Health Start Up Company In Leeds.

Start Recovery, a Leeds based Drug and Alcohol Counselling Service has been listed in the top health care start ups in Leeds by and the article can be found here. The companies founder and owner Mark Franklin, an ex DJ and music producer, set up Start Recovery in 2015 after moving back to his home city Leeds from London.

Mark is in long term recovery from problem drinking and he remembers how hard it was when he was trying to find help for himself when things were really bad for him when living in West London. “I desperately tried to find an alcohol practitioner or counsellor that specialised in alcoholism and addiction, but 10 years ago there was little available other than local services, and services were, very hit and miss. I was pushed from pillar to post from AA to GP’s and local drug and alcohol services but I couldn’t find anything or anyone really to connect to or with”.

Mark goes on to say, “I was really lucky to be part of a pilot scheme in Hammersmith and Fulham which was a 3 month full time intensive day programme. It was a very well structured community focused type of rehab facility, but not residential. We got to go home every day at 5pm to our natural environments, so we were putting things into action in the real world in real time, which really worked for me. The abstinence programme gave me the knowledge, training and confidence to then start volunteering within the drug intervention programme in Ealing. After volunteering for a year in London

Leeds Private Drug & Alcohol Help

I moved back to Leeds with my family, and I continued training and volunteering in Yorkshire. After finishing my college course I went on to work full time in drug and alcohol services, and then psychiatric wards and secure units. In 2015 I set up Start Recovery as a private practice to help those people looking for help in my local Leeds area”.

Mark has helped hundreds of people, and their families, around Yorkshire over the last 10 years to understand the complex world of alcoholism, drug misuse, gambling problems and other addictive tendencies people may have difficulties with.

“I feel honoured to be working with individuals and families struggling with addictions. I feel a deep connection with all my clients, and I am constantly learning, reflecting, and developing my style”.

Start Recovery treatment rooms are in North Leeds, LS16. If you need private drug or alcohol help then you can get in touch with Mark here.

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