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Yoga For Recovery In Leeds | Drug & Alcohol Aftercare Services 

I am an addictions Counsellor and I also deliver Kundalini Yoga for men In Recovery, who have had problems with drugs, alcohol or other addictions. My specially designed recovery based yoga is a perfect way to carry on learning and developing once we have acheived and maintained sobriety. This additional therapy helps to build on the foundations of early recovery, by integrating ancient yogic technology that aligns our bodies and focuses the mind. 

I have worked with, and trained with some of the very best recovery yoga teachers in the world over the last 10 years and I became a fully trained Kundalini Yoga teacher in July 2022.


When I started to look for Kundalini Yoga in Leeds to further the development of my mental and physical self, I was already 3 or 4 years sober. I remember searching for yoga for drug and alcohol recovery, and coming across Tommy Rosen and his brilliant Recovery 2.0 programme. For many months I worked through some of Tommy's Sadnha (daily practice) videos and it helped my immensly to engage my body in a way that I needed. I had been a keen swimmer previously but had to give that up due to osteoarthritis in the hip. I also had arthritis in my neck and shoulder, which was probably a combination of many years DJ'ing and in particular scratching...... and drunken falls.

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I travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2018 and returned there in 2019 for the 3HO Kundalini Yoga mens camp training to work with so many great teachers. It was then that I started to realise the true healing potential of yoga and breathwork on the body and on the mind. In 2021 I started my yoga teacher training with Guru Singh and Brett Larkin, which I completed in July 2022. I am totally dedicated to a life of learning and teaching, both in my role as an Addiction Counsellor and as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. 

In November 2022 I travelled to Nosara in Costa Rica for an intensive weeks training in recovery based Kundalin Yoga. My teachers on this retreat were Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller. This training has helped me immensly to hone my recovery based yoga skills in order to lead my work with people in Leeds with addictions. I continue to practice daily and use my breathwork to identifdy subtle changes in the body which helps me to lead my clients forward.

Recovery Based Kundalini Yoga For Men In Leeds

People in recovery from any illnes or disease, including those recovering from drug or alcohol problems (alcohol use disorders or AUD's, substance use disorders or SUD's) can benefit profoundly from practicing Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga has been transformative for myself and my personal recovery journey. People think that when individuals stop drinking or using drugs (or any other addictive behaviours ) that they become instantly better after stopping their drug or addictive behaviour that they have landed on. Well we don't get instantly better!, its a process and that process takes time. The good news is that we do recover, and we do get better, and Kundalini Yoga can help immensley.


Its only really been in the last 10 to 15 years that modern Western science and medicine has started to align more and more with the East and Eastern medicine. Brain scans, MRI's and CAT scans have now shown changes in brain states when individuals are meditating and doing yoga. As time goes on I will be adding to this page about yogic aspects of our long term recovery from drugs, alcohol or any other addictive behaviours.

You can learn more about booking my Kundalini Yoga for recovery classes here.

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