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Why Choose Us? Counselling For Alcoholism & Addictions In Leeds

If you live in Leeds and you require help to stop drinking alcohol then you have come to the right place. I have helped hundreds of Leeds residents stop drinking, and continue to help local people to quit drinking alcohol so they can move forward with their lives and start living, rather than merely existing.


You may think you are an alcoholic, or you have been suffering from alcohol dependence issues. You may be experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms or you might be a concerned family member, looking for alcohol treatment for a loved one.


Below are some of the reasons why local people from Leeds choose Start Recovery over, or with a combination of, other drug and alcohol services, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or rehab facilities.

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Why People In Leeds Choose Start Recovery For Alcohol Problems and Alcohol Counselling

When you choose Start Recovery you can be assured that I am a Leeds based alcohol addiction counsellor who is specifically trained in Alcohol and Substance Misuse Counselling. I specialise in addictions, dual diagnosis, and drug and alcohol problems only. I am an alcoholism specialist with a genuine passion for helping people to stop drinking alcohol.

I am in recovery from alcohol problems myself, and really proud of it. Over the last 10 years, I have worked with drugs and alcohol in some of the most challenging environments in some of the busiest areas in London and Leeds.


Having been through treatment myself in West London in 2012, I continued to work and train with drug and alcohol services, as a DIP (Drug Intervention Programme) worker in London.


I then moved back to my home city of Leeds where I continued to work as an alcohol specialist in Yorkshire, whilst also studying alcohol and substance misuse counselling. I worked in residential rehab and detox facilities and spent some time working on psychiatric wards working with people who had experienced alcohol or drug-induced psychosis.


I set up Start Recovery in late 2015 to deliver a private service for people who were experiencing problems with drug addiction or alcoholism. I have two supervisors, one clinical supervisor who helps me reflect on my alcoholism counselling techniques, whilst also supporting me with other any problems that may arise for me personally. Another supervisor keeps me up to date with the latest developments in different areas of multidisciplinary counselling, in particular utilising Neuroscience based and Neuro-psychotherapy approaches.


Understandably due to the discreet nature of my addiction support, reviews of my services are limited to those who feel comfortable sharing. I am proud to say that there are a number of clients who have left positive reviews for my alcohol help and other addictions in Leeds.

I also have been able to share some anonymous reviews on my homepage.

Get in touch if you live in the Leeds area and you are having problems with alcohol. I will try to fit you in for an initial consultation as soon as humanly possible. I believe that people recover from alcoholism or alcohol misuse more holistically and fully, when emersed in a constructive, positive programme that keeps us engaged in our own natural environment, with a support network where possible.


It is important to note that if you are going into, or have been into a residential rehab, then an aftercare plan is an essential part of your journey to ensure keeping any lapses or relapses to a minimum. I can help with continued addiction aftercare support if you or a family member is coming out of rehab.

I will work with your addictions, whilst you are in your own environment, developing a secure trust-based relationship with you, in order for you to move forward to reconnect with yourself, and away from drinking alcohol, addiction or alcohol abuse. 

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