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Leeds Private Drug and Alcohol Counselling Services Helping Local People.

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Start Recovery is a private counselling service based in North Leeds, specialising in helping people who are having problems with drugs, alcohol or any other addictive behaviours. Mark Franklin set up the services in 2015 after having worked in drug and alcohol services in both London and Yorkshire. “I wanted to set something up that I struggled to find myself when I was having problems with alcohol. I was living in West London at the time and desperately tried to find a private therapist who only worked with addictions, but I couldn’t find anyone. I ended up getting pushed from pillar to post with different services, often taking weeks and weeks to get appointments. Luckily I finally found help in the end, but I know I could have got better much faster if I’d found the right private services for extra support”. Mark utilises a combination of techniques that include C.B.T, R.E.B.T and Person Centred Therapies alongside relaxation techniques / mindfulness and practical neuroscientific evidence based advice. If you, or a loved one is having problems with drugs or alcohol and you live in Leeds, then you can get in touch at or call 07899 391456.

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