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Drug & Alcohol Counselling In Leeds | Specialist Addictions Counsellor

Based in North Leeds, West Yorkshire, I deliver private specialist addiction counselling around all areas of alcohol problems, drug misuse and other addictions. I offer drug and alcohol treatment that helps people who may be struggling with alcohol and drugs living in the Leeds area. My discreet, confidential alcohol and drug services help to provide you, and your family the best possible support around these complex problems, allowing you to move forward with your life and into recovery from dependency or addiction.

Leeds addiction therapist Mark Franklin

Stop Drinking Alcohol Or Using Drugs and Discover Yourself Again

Start Recovery is an award-winning private practice based just a short distance north of Leeds city centre. Our addiction counselling waiting list times vary, but we will always endeavour to set up an initial consultation with you within two weeks from first contact.


Start Recovery mental health service is dedicated to everything related to addiction treatment, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction recovery, and will always help clients to access services as quickly as humanly possible. We will help you build a clear and honest plan and offer you the latest, most up-to-date approaches and evidence-based research-driven information.

Get in touch to set up an initial consultation to discuss how I can help you, or someone that you care about to start recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.


Initial consultations are a chance for both client and counsellor to meet to discuss your individual needs and gives both parties the opportunity to decide whether therapist and client are compatible and are charged at roughly half the usual price of a session.


Whether you need support with alcohol addiction, drug misuse, alcohol withdrawal, detox or any other problems around drug treatment and addictions, Start Recovery can help you to move forward into recovery, and achieve sobriety.

What some of my clients say

Start Recovery will work with you as an individual, putting together a personalised care plan to ensure that you have the best possible information, help and guidance in your recovery journey from Substance Use Disorders (SUD's), alcoholism, Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD's), or addiction to any other behaviour.

I understand how difficult it can be to find the right help when you, or somebody close to you are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs. I will help you to become clean and sober, whether you need support with binge drinking, other drinking problems or you have issues with drug dependence or alcohol dependence.

I provide a confidential drug and alcohol counselling service that is dedicated to helping you realise your potential and achieve your goals, whether you are trying to modify your behaviour or you are trying to become alcohol or drug-free and remain abstinent for life.

I work with you using a client-centred approach with REBT, (Rational Emotive Behavioural therapy) to build a non-judgemental and empathic relationship to help you to succeed.


I will help you to identify, acknowledge and process your triggers, cravings and emotions through counseling, education and training. 


I will support you throughout your journey into recovery from the beginning, offering a wide range of specialist advice and services, from helping with withdrawal symptoms from drug detox, family therapy, mental health concerns, or anything else drugs, alcohol or solvent related.


I can help you with your alcohol use, or drug use, and unlike some other recovery programs or alcohol services, I help you to identify and understand the potential root cause.


Book an Initial Consultation

Book Consultation


You can contact Start Recovery in confidence by filling in the form to request an initial consultation, I will always endeavour to get back to you within 48 hrs if I am not available at time of contact.

Please note: I am very near to fully booked at the moment. I will respond to new initial consultation requests but I no longer offer a waiting list due to the high volume of requests. I do, however have a weekly cancelation list that I offer slots at short notice, so please mention in your request if you would like to be included on this. Sessions booked and not attended will be charged on ALL Occasions if not cancelled 48 hours or before. 

Thanks for your message. We will aim to get back to you within 48 hours and try to get an initial consultation booked in for you ASAP. Please note I am extremly busy at the moment and may not have availabilty at the time of contact but I will always respond to email requests. Please check your junk mail filters if you haven't received a response.

Mark Franklin Leeds Counselling Award
Mark Franklin leeds Alcohol & Drug Counselling

Take Back Your Life From Addictions | Choose a Professional Alcohol & Drug Counsellor In Leeds

I am an experienced Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counsellor and pride myself on my recovery services. I have been working in Addictions Services since 2012. I deliver individual counseling treatment for alcohol problems, addiction to alcohol, drug misuse, and substance use disorders. I also work with gambling addiction and all other forms of addictive behaviours.


I will work with you to find help to explore addiction and recovery with an individualised treatment plan tailored to your needs. My recovery program develops strong emotional and cognitive behavioural coping skills, helping you to accomplish periods of time staying sober.


As a trained specialist Health Professional I can work with people who are drug or alcohol dependant who are looking for, or are going through a drug or alcohol detox. My support can also run alongside any other treatment for drug or alcohol dependency that you may be engaged with, such as local addiction services. I also deliver counseling sessions tailored towards aftercare from alcohol or drug treatment programs such as residential rehabs or alcohol and drug rehab.

It was so nice to finally be able to talk to someone who understood how I was feeling. My addiction counselling sessions helped me to identify and address my triggers and behaviours, and helped me to start to understand my deeper-rooted problems.

Richard, Harrogate


My drinking and drug taking was out of control and I nearly lost my family due to alcohol and cocaine. Start Recovery helped me to identify my triggers and gave me tools that actually worked. I had been trying to stop binging on drugs and alcohol on weekends for about 7 years. I am ever so grateful for Marks help and guidance. I have not drank for 14 months as I write this now!

Peter C, Leeds


Thank you for helping me with my alcohol problems. I felt lost until I found Mark at Start Recovery, he is super supportive and has really helped me with my addictions. I have learnt so much about alcoholism, myself and my triggers. I feel so much calmer and content now without alcohol in my life

Jodie, Leeds


Mark really helped me to identify where my issues stemmed from and how to deal with them, and cope with them going forward. Even the first couple of sessions started my road to recovery off really well. Mark listens intently and understands without any judgement and offers clear and direct help, which steered me through a really low part of my life. Highly recommended.

Louise, Leeds


One Word to describe my meetings with Mark............... REVOLATORY!!

Rod, Leeds

Alcoholism Counselling Leeds | A Specialist Alcohol Counsellor Makes A Big Difference In Treatment Outcome

Drug and alcohol counselling serves as a crucial pillar in the journey of individuals grappling with substance abuse. In this unique and compassionate field, counselors play a pivotal role in helping clients navigate the intricacies of addiction, providing a safe space for self-reflection, and offering tailored strategies for recovery.

One distinctive aspect of drug and alcohol counselling lies in its holistic approach. Rather than solely focusing on the immediate cessation of substance use, counsellors delve into the underlying factors contributing to addiction.


Through empathetic listening and open dialogue, counsellors aim to unearth the roots of the  problem, whether they stem from trauma, unresolved issues, or co-occurring mental health conditions. This nuanced understanding allows for a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan, addressing not only the symptoms but also the core issues driving addictive behaviors.

The relationship between a counsellor and their client is characterised by trust and non-judgment. In this unique therapeutic alliance, individuals struggling with substance abuse find solace in sharing their experiences, fears, and aspirations. The counselor's role extends beyond that of an advisor; they become a supportive ally, guiding clients through the often tumultuous terrain of recovery. The power dynamics shift from authoritative to collaborative, fostering a sense of empowerment that is instrumental in the healing process.

An integral facet of drug and alcohol counselling involves tailoring interventions to meet the unique needs of each individual. Recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, addiction counsellors employ a diverse range of therapeutic modalities. This adaptability ensures that clients receive truly personalised care, whether it involves cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, REBT. By acknowledging the individuality of each person's journey, drug and alcohol counselling embraces the complexity of addictions and offers a versatile evidence based toolkit for sustainable recovery.

Drug and alcohol counselling stands out as a unique type of therapy that embraces the complexities of addiction with empathy and understanding. The unique dynamics between counsellors and clients, the holistic approach to addressing underlying issues, and the personalized nature of interventions contribute to the effectiveness of this essential facet of the recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention In Leeds | Start Your Recovery 

We take your privacy seriously and we will never share any of your details.

Initial Consultations are just £45 and further full sessions £70 each or package prices on 6 or 12 sessions are available. Please see further details on our pricing plans.

Ongoing care and relapse prevention is an extremely important part of addiction recovery and is often overlooked. I can help with extended care for anyone who needs extra support after a period of being an inpatient, outpatient or coming out of a residential treatment program.


Peer support groups such as SMART Recovery or Alcoholics Anonymous can be extremely helpful for some people to engage with, but it is recommended to always seek help and advice from a trained specialist drug, alcohol or addictions counsellor in order to learn about addiction and to help develop skills to remain safe from drugs, alcohol or gambling problems.

Please note. I am extremely busy at the moment but I will endeavour to respond and book you in asap.

Counselling Award 2020 North England
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